Why we should all love the John Lewis Christmas Advert

It’s officially our favourite day of the year, the John Lewis Christmas advert has been released. Every year is a patient wait to see if they got it right or wrong and 2019 is a huge thumbs up from us.

British retail is undoubtedly in a very difficult place so it’s understandable the main players invest heavily in their Christmas campaign. Big advertising budgets can clearly go a long way, but the real aim is simple – how do you get your advert to emotionally connect with your audience?

Edgar the excitable dragon is on this occasion a pure genius, but why?


Interestingly, John Lewis and Waitrose have joined forces this year which is part of their new brand approach of being partners. Very cleverly, Edgar is Waitrose brand colours which builds brand recognition. The fact he is a cute adorable character builds an emotional connection. The real win is the inclusion of the food and Christmas pudding at the end, a huge connection to Waitrose Christmas food. I can see an increase in Christmas pudding sales!

The message

Yes, everyone is going to be running to the shops to buy Edgar cuddly toys over the next few days, but where it gets even better is the hidden message that Christmas is about people and caring, and not the size of the gift. This smartly builds on previous messages delivered by John Lewis through its previous adverts and is their ‘side of the story’ in this advert. The blend of the contemporary cover of a classic song has the emotions of us all in their hands. There is also the added edge that we are all good at something, if we have the support of someone we love trying to help us find it.

Product placement

Christmas puddings, cuddly toys, scarves, food and Christmas decoration. You couldn’t get more quintessentially John Lewis. All directed at Christmas sales of what they are really good at. For a brand this doesn’t get any better.

It’s a massive pat on the back from us and I am off to Waitrose to bag by Edgar this morning. Have a great Christmas everyone and if you need advice on your brand you know where to find me.