As a business, you may be asking yourself why the investment of your time in blogging is worthwhile – and what business can it lead to. This is a conversation that we have week in week out with our clients.

In its simplest terms, businesses that blog generate 126% more leads than those that don’t.

Do we have your attention?

For many businesses, and with our clients, we appreciate that it is crucial to create an understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and break down some of the misconceptions. Let’s switch to a typical client; “How do I get to the top of google?’

There are two ways to achieve this – the scenic route, and the shortcut.

  • The scenic route – we call this ‘on page SEO’. In its simplest terms this means doing calculations for competition on Google traffic, identifying the keywords most likely to achieve success/perform and then working website and social content to build links and traffic. Google then starts to rate the site as ‘authentic’ and the site jumps up the ranking (and stays there!). With this route, it really is the long game and requires monthly performance reports, patience and understanding.
  • The shortcut – the shortcut is known as PPC (pay per click) or Google ads (remember the little yellow ads you never click on) and in the online world – advertising. PPC can bring quick results if the calculations and key word research are done correctly. The jury is still out on whether people click on ‘Google ads’ but the results do speak for themselves with Google announcing $18 billions in search advertising revenue alone in the Q1 2016 earnings report last week.

We would class blogging as falling into ‘the scenic route’ and a crucial element of on page SEO. If you still need convincing, research has found that companies that take the time to blog, receive 97% more links back to their site than those that don’t. And what’s more – more links means more traffic. This in turn means more social shares across various platforms. More traffic and more shares equals more leads; more leads equal more sales. Nuff said.

Just to make sure you’re on board, here are some more stats:

  • More than 60 percent of general consumers have made at least one purchase from a blog post that they’ve taken the time to read
  • Around 70 percent of consumers find out about the existence of a particular company via their blog as opposed to paid advertising media. If you want to make more money, the idea is to invest your time in a blog rather than in paid media.
  • It’s been found that 60 percent of consumers, upon reading a business’ blog, come away with a heightened feeling of positivity about that business

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