The rules of online content creation

One of the biggest challenges our clients have in building their brand online is producing and sourcing great content. In order to secure profile online and ultimately engagement and traffic, your content is key.

So what advice do we offer our clients in facing this challenge. First of all, we work with our clients to help them understand and think about their brand, and how this needs to sit at the heart of all external communications efforts.

We then look to build a content strategy, involving best practice such as the rule of 33%. Other tools can be used such as planning calendars, and various online tools to help make the job much easier.

We work around 5 C’s of Content when supporting our clients through this process of planning and pulling content together:


Today’s expansive social media channels mean the credibility of an organisation has never been more in the spotlight. While the risks of damaging a brand are inevitably increased, there are lots of proactive steps brands can take to ensure the outcome is always positive.

Our tips for proactive steps a brand can take are as follows:

• Make sure your profiles always have the most up to date contact details
• Encourage customers to share positive reviews and experiences – signpost this and incentivise customers with offers and remind them to do it
• Tell your story as a human – use friendly language and be conversational as opposed to robotic
• Re-invent how you use your social media channels. Can you deliver better customer service or improve your company CSR through online channels?


Good grammar, spelling and length of content is absolutely crucial. We apply the KISS rule to all content – Keep it short and simple ! Before sitting down to prepare content, consider the following:

  • Who you are writing for
  • What you are trying to say
  • Get organised, plan before you start
  • Get the most important information first

When you are writing content, adopt the rules of POWER:

  • Prepare
  • Organise
  • Write
  • Evaluate
  • Revise


If content is King, context is Queen ! A place and relevance for your content is very important. One way to ensure content is relevant is to research and understand your audience. What’s happening externally, what hashtags can you make use of. Use a tool such as Topsy to help you research what is relevant and trending.


In any brand building exercise, consistency of message is important. Why? Well, it’s about delivering the same consistent messages to your clients to ensure they buy into your brand and your messages long term. People buy emotions, and how they feel in receipt of your message will build trust and determine the relationship you grow with them.


Agreeing a set of key messages and then tweaking those to individual social channels is a must. Each channel has its own strengths and merits and your message should be tweaked accordingly. For example, a message on Twitter needs to be shortened to the 140 character rule but include and image and link, whereas an Instagram post will need to largely be visual and adopt some of the rules of best practice to get better engagement.

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